Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming this Saturday...

To a blog near you...

More specifically, to "Come, see a man"...

The finalized, updated, and always entertaining top ten chapters in the New Testament!!

Mr. Fulton over at Sidekicks Anonymous and I are both big fans of rankings as well as the Bible. A few months, we decided to prepare personal lists of our ten favorite chapters as we read through a New Testament reading schedule with Christians on Campus. The reading schedule ends on Saturday, so that day we will each begin with a post about #10. From there, we will count down simultaneously to #1 by unveiling one chapter a day.

Both of us assembled a preliminary top ten at the halfway point through the schedule a few weeks ago. My preliminary list can be found here and his preliminary list can be found here.

By now, I know you can hardly wait for the first post to come out on Saturday, so here’s something to keep you busy until then. Look at the picture from an arm's length. Who do you see?

Then look at it from 10 feet away. Now who do you see?

We'll be back on Saturday!


Brother Roger said...

That is cool, I like it!

Vania said...

That is a really weird picture. I'll be waiting for Saturday!

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